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Helpful. Honest. Effective.

I have always been a coach at heart, I can remember helping my classmates on the playground to evaluate why they were on the "time out" wall and what they could do differently in the future. In every position I have held, I can look back and see that I used a coaching mindset to build team connections and improve systems to make them more efficient.

In 2015 I paused to evaluate my career direction and realized that I wanted more out of life.

As I considered what stirs passion and excitement within me, I realized that I am passionate about helping others move towards their goals and I have a unique knack for improving existing systems and processes to make them more efficient and effective.

I began to envision a coaching practice working as a "Thought Partner" to passionate leaders and now - here I am.

I completed the Professional Coaching for Life and Work certificate program through the UC Davis Extenstion and continue to add certifications and trainings that add value to the services I provide my clients.

About Me: About Me
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