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Dawn has a unique knack for seeing an organization as a collection of systems and processes that can be refined and tweaked to make the overall organization perform better.

Scott E., Executive Pastor

Dawn brings great insight into the coaching conversation. She enables me to simplify my thoughts and ideas so that I can see things more clearly and move forward.

Sarah K.

Fast, efficient, accurate and friendly, Simply Helpful (Dawn) is exactly what we needed to get our projects done. Maintaining multiple e-commerce sites can be a nightmare, but Dawn helped us polish our content, manage the data and deliver a great user experience for our customers.

Craig W. - Executive Director

Owning and managing multiple businesses can be challenging and Dawn has come through time and again on any project I have thrown at her. I have especially relied on her excellent ability to create efficient systems that save both time and money.

Keith C., Entrepreneur

After only a few sessions of working with Dawn, I begin to see positive changes in my life. Dawn helped me to change my thinking and my reactions by suggesting and helping me to develop insights, tools, and concrete strategies to overcome the barriers I was facing. With Dawn’s help, I was able to take control of my emotions, reactions, and life by defining my core values, and using them in order to be the type of person I WANT to be, instead of allowing my emotions to control me.

Stephanie E.

For a long time, I struggled with the negative impacts of perfectionist tendencies and how one small mistake or misstep was able to derail my life because I perceived it as a massive failure. My tendencies to react extremely to small “failures” were a barrier to my health, professional and personal goals, and overall happiness. Before I started coaching, I thought my problem was unsolvable and that it was something I would always suffer from.

Shelley E.

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